Pulsar Phantom 4x60 MG Gen 2+ Night Vision Scope Package

  • Info:

    The Pulsar Phantom Gen 2 Series 4x60 MD Night Vision scope uses the new White Phosphor image intensifier tube and takes into account all the requirements for modern night hunting offer a viewing range of up to 700meters at night in complete darkness.

    Pulsar Phantom 4x60 MD Night Vision Weapon Scope Key Features:

    • A military-style infrared imaging rifle sight offering maximum functionality and meticulous detail
    • Available in two modes with different intensifier tubes
    • PU-76158T: Pulsar Phantom 4x60 MD Night Vision Weapon Scope with Russian Gen 2+ Intensifier Tube
    • Equipped with a mil-dot reticule
    • Voltage stabilisation system prevents reticle shift
    • The voltage stabilisation system remains functional even when the battery has almost expired
    • Provides fine IR images with high-quality resolution
    • Accurate internally focusable front lens focus
    • Detection range: 700m
    • FOV: 9°
    • 4.0x magnification
    • Detachable, eye-safe IR illuminator
    • Ergonomically placed controls
    • Supplied with a remote control that can be attached anywhere on the scope for convenient operation
    • Shockproof, rugged, waterproof design
    • Suitable for use with heavy recoil ammunition
    • Highly durable glass-filled plastic body
    • Supplied with an objective lens cap
    • IPX6-rated: protected against water intrusion
    • Nitrogen-purged optical path prevents the scope’s body and optical components from fogging during rapid temperature changes
    • Suitable for use in challenging environments and during all weathers
    • Powered by either a CR123A battery or AA 1.5V alkaline/ lithium battery
    • Low battery indicator
    • Fast start-up
    • A durable, dependable and dynamic IR rifle sight
    • Carry Case

    Package includes:

    • Tracer LED Ray F900 IR & Carry Case 
    •  Pulsar Magnification Doubler

    Commission sale on behalf of customer who is moving to thermal.

    Excellent Condition - works faultlessly