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Pulsar Digisight LRF N970

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    The new Digisight LRF N970 introduces some significant changes and improvements and is a highly sensitive Night Vision device that cannot be damaged by bright light exposure.

    The Digisight LRF N970 also use an integrated laser rangefinder (LRF) and utilises a True Horizontal Distance (THD) and Angle of Elevation (AoE), allowing for an accurate distance gauge. Plus, there is a wireless remote control provided that operates the power, IR illuminator on/off and Rangefinder.

    • 3.5x to 14 magnification
    • A built-in 400m laser rangefinder with True Horizontal Distance (THD) and Angle of Elevation (AoE) functions, which are accurate to ±1m
    • A built-in covert 915nm laser IR illuminator (no tell-tale red glow - totally invisible to the human eye)
    • 11 Selectable reticles; each with a choice of four colours
    30% Increase in the field of view
    • Zero function with freeze frame - once your shot has been taken, freeze the frame and align the reticle with the point of impact - no need to keep the rifle held steady
    • Resistant to bright light exposure
    • Optional external battery pack (EPS3i/EPS5)
    • Three zero profiles allowing you to save zero for three rifles or distances and five zero positions per profile
    • Frost resistant OLED display, which provides excellent contrast
    • Built in eye-safe laser illuminator
    • Video port to record the action
    • Wireless remote control (Power On/Off) IR illuminator (On/Off and zoom)
    • Energy saving modes will automatically switch off the rifle after 10 seconds if it is at a 70o vertical angle or 30o horizontal angle and a second mode that will turn off the power to the video module if it is not required
    • If the rifle is inclined at a horizontal angle of 5o or more a warning sign appears showing the direction and angle on incline
    • 67mm of eye relief
    • Wide operating temperature -20°C to +50°C
    • Quick image adjustment to suit light conditions - High Contrast/SumLight™ (heightened light amplification) modes
    • Adjustable screen brightness and contrast
    • Two position retained lens cap
    • Rugged and lightweight bodyshell
    • Supplied with a Weaver mount